Photo by Callie Hobbs Photography

Photo by Callie Hobbs Photography

What locations do you go?

MJM Designs travels throughout Colorado. We love city weddings, mountain weddings, and everywhere in between!
We also love being a part of a destination weddings!

Do you offer delivery & set up?

Yes! We prefer being able to set up your floral designs for you. Our minimum for delivery during the Peak months (May - Sept) is $3700. Delivery and set up would be an additional cost. What is included in the delivery is as much set up time as we need to make sure your inspiration and designs are fully completed, a minimum of two MJM Designs employees, staying throughout the ceremony to re-purpose and/or take down decor, as well as coming back at the end of your reception to clean up the flowers and vases. FYI - If we are coming to clean up and your wedding is outside 40 miles of Denver, we do require a night's stay at a local AirBnb or hotel.

Where do your flowers come from?

We love out local farms! There are a great handful of local flower farmers within the Denver Metro area (and outside) that we try to source from as much as we can. When we cannot acquire a specific bloom type locally, we use wholesale markets that ship in flowers from all of the world.

We also pay attention to what is available during the seasons. It can be hard and pricey to look for a certain type of flower that is outside its' season; unfortunately that flower might be smaller and less pretty at that time as well.

Are you LGBTQ friendly?

SO MANY YES'S! Love is love! We prohibit discrimination base on race, color, religion, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. 

What if I dont hit your minimum or dont require set up for my wedding?

For personable flowers and/or when you dont meet our minimum we can arrange a pick up at our studio by a friend or family member. That way you can enjoy our style and designs all the same! Head to our Services page to learn more.

Do you use floral foam?

We are about 85% floral foam free at MJM Designs. We know that it isnt good for the environment and try as often as we can not to use it. We are currently learning more about how not to design using floral foam and cant wait to implement what we learn in 2019!

Do you have any experience with installations and hanging flowers/greenery?

Yes we do, and we LOVE creating something eye catching for your guests! We truly enjoy being able to draw up an idea from our heads and make it come to life. Want to see some examples? Click below.