The Posing Workshop

I was graciously asked to contribute a couple bouquets and boutonierres to Ashley Kidder Photography and Chris Loring Photography's photography workshop - The Posing Workshop - held at The Studios at Overland Crossing. I was so excited to be able to help these talented ladies out.

Make-Up: Kim Jundt
Ties: The Knotty Tie
Veils: Veil Trends - cathedral veil and beaded halo

Photographer: Chris Loring Photography

Attendees in action!

More behind the scene shots

Thank you to everyone who shared their photos! All of them are so unique and beautiful!

Florabundance Design Days 2017 Day 3

Day three started at Rincon Beach Club with Francoise Weeks designing a "woodland bouquet." Francoise pays very close attention to details and little bits n' pieces in her natural designs. It was so rewarding to create something different and intricate; I could have kept adding pieces to the bouquet I made all day!

All photographs were taken by Lerina Winter of Winter Creative Co and Sarah Colliers of Taken By Sarah Photography.

Here's my woodland bouquet!

During lunch Emily Carter with Emily Carter Designs and owner of Lobiloo gave a presentation. Emily and her designer, Lily, were a joy to create a friendship with during FDD!

After lunch, Hitomi Gilliam gave an information and thought provoking design lesson on creating a natural cascade bouquet. She is the queen on using different mechanical techniques and using every day items to create beautiful designs!

Taken by Sarah Photography-0702.jpg

My natural cascade bouquet - loving the pepperberry!

The evening ended with a cocktail style dinner with food stations at Rincon Beach Club. Everyone's bouquets from day three were showcased on the patio and on the tables inside. It was such a great end to the week.