Center-of-the-Room Eye Catcher

Jessica wanted her guests to walk into her wedding reception and be wow'd. She didnt want to have all the guest tables have the same single arrangement in the center, like all the weddings she had been to as a guest herself. At the center of the room, the table layout had 2 long wood tables for the her wedding party; it was here that we decided that we could create something memorable. Using tall stands we elevated the arrangements to ensure everyone would see this feature first when they walked into the room. We created a base of southern smilax greenery and placed farm-local dahlias and sunflowers in every direction, that way guests at the head table as well as surrounding guest tables could see the flowers from every angle.


A Different Arbor

Audra loved the venue she chose to get married at but hated the on-site arbor that came as part of the ceremony area. After discussing different options for floral decor to cover the arbor we both fell in love with this design. She had to trust me as this wasnt something we could find on Pinterest! I think the end result was killer! Plus, we re-purposed the greenery and carnation garlands to the wedding party head table in the reception which created a whole new look and design.